United Kingdom

Once dubbed ‘North London’s answer to Frank Ocean’, UK hip-hop prodigy Col3trane makes music that is a perfect synthesis of soul, R&B and ribcage-rattling production.


Raised on the songs of Motown, David Bowie, Prince and Michael Jackson, Col3trane developed his own taste early on. It was inevitable that he’d end up making music himself; a lifetime of influences was bubbling under and waiting to burst out.

Released in November 2017, the Tsarina mixtape, Col3trane’s debut, garnered praise from critics and tastemakers alike. Follow-up BOOT pushed Col3trane’s unique sound further, taking in sounds inspired by the UK jazz scene.

The release of this year’s Heroine EP, which features Goldlink, Raye, DJDS and Sega Bodega, cemented Col3trane’s standing as one of London’s most differentiated young talents.

Col3trane is a bag of exciting contradictions. His music lives a life of its own; experimental. Passionate, twisted, and unusual but with an undeniable pop appeal. He’s an artist equally at home on the arena stage as he was creating beats in his bedroom trying to capture the sounds exploding in his head. Ask him who his peers are and he can’t answer, putting it in the simple but truest term, “My lane, it’s a new one.”





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